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Are you constantly distracted and drowning in email - adopt the email charter and encourage others to do so to. I previously came across this idea through a website that had since been taken down, but thought it was a fantastic idea that needs to catch on... so...

Let's start a revolution and take back control of our lives. One email at a time.


Do you really need to send this email? if it can't wait for the next time you see the person face to face, then here are some tips to save us all some valuable time of day..


"No need to reply" - Add this as frequently and as often as possible to the end of your emails. This is a gift of a message, saving the responder from responding, and you from typing another response! 

2. EOM

End of message - why not add this to the end of a short email in the subject line. Saves you needing to duplicate a message in the body and lets the recipient know there's nothing more to gain inside.

3. EOM NNTR in the subject line

Let's revolutionise how emails are used. Then you just have to right click, mark as read and bask in all of the extra time you have.

5. Use of CC

CC others if you think it would be helpful for them to be cc'd, and not for the many other reasons it's seemingly used for! 

6. Clarity

Make the subject line explain exactly what the email is about. Why not start the subject line with an action e.g. [input required] [action needed] [low priority] [urgent] [if you have time] etc.

Take the extra effort to make sure what you say in the body is easily understood, and your recipient will hopefully do the same too.

7. Conciseness

We pledge to keep our emails short and sweet, respecting the recipients time, and hopefully they'll do the same for you too. It's an email, not a thesis - anything longer than a few lines would probably benefit from a phone call..?

Of course there are times this can't be avoided, buts lets do our best - can that additional bit of info wait until the meeting?

8. Responding time

Let's agree that responding to emails promptly is a nicety, but not a necessity. We are all entitled to a life beyond emails, and of course if it is urgent then there's always the phone. 

9. Read in a positive tone

Tone is lost in emails, and your mood reflects how you read an email. Let's all read emails as if the sender had an upbeat positive tone! This gives the sender the benefit of the doubt and prevents us from misinterpreting a message negatively, or as rude - when it could have just been typed in haste. 

10. Add a URL hyperlink to this charter in your signature 

Why not spread the charter to others
, and add the text and URL below to your email signature. The more people that adopt this, the more effective the charter will be, and the more useful our emails will be to us:

Thanks for reading. Take. Back. Control.

Have I missed anything out? should I change anything? 
Drop me an email at

Deeban, on behalf of the team at Remarxs
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Originally published 22 January 2019 , updated 18/01/2020

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