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By choosing one of these blog types to write about you will be supported by a Remarxs editor to help you produce the best content, and also have a professional video produced for you for advertising purposes.

Topic thread 1 - Medical School Life (Editor - Argha Datta)

Bi-monthly publication (200-400 words each blog)
New interesting experience e.g. blogs about new placements, topics, learning points related to medical school life
Adding value or providing a new experience or perspective to the reader

Topic thread 2 - New research (Editor - Dr Deeban Ratneswaran)

Bi-monthly publication (4-500 word blog)
Summarising new interesting research articles that have been published in high impact journal e.g. Nature, NEJM, etc.

Topic thread 3 - Life hacks (Editor - Argha Datta)

Bi-monthly publication (200-400 word blog)
Description of one or more 'life hack' to support productivity 

Topic thread 4 - A tribute to... (Editor - Argha Datta)

Weekly publication (200-400 word blog)
Summaries of important individuals in medicine and their achievements e.g. William Osler, Cushing, Pasteur, Crick etc.
We want to build a repository people can delve into to access

    Originally published 02 September 2019 , updated 02/09/2019

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