Why and how to blog with Remarxs
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Why and how to blog with Remarxs

  • How to join our official team
  • Why blog with Remarxs
  • Tips to write a blog
  • Formatting your blog on Remarxs
  • How to 'add and change size' of an image 
  • Boost your blogs google reach
  • Choosing a topic 

How to join our official team

If you would like to join our official team, open this link in a new tab, but keep reading below to find out more about the benefits of blogging with us, and how to do this! The link will also show a list of current blog priorities, but we are open and supportive of new ideas! :) 

Why blog with Remarxs

Our free software lets you write what you want, when you want. Our main audience are university students and prospective university applicants - so keep that in mind when blogging. 

High visibility

Where relevant, we will share any relevant blog to our other website oslersroom.com, our twitter feeds (@oslersroom and @remarxstech), facebook pages (@oslersroom @remarxstech), and instagram feeds (@remarxstech) too - to give your blog exposure.   Some of our blogs have reached thousands of views for this reason.

e.g. Google: Free medical personal statement reviews  this is a Remarxs blog, which ranks first on Google in the UK and highly in America (this is the main source of students connecting to me from America), and has thousands of views.

Oslersroom.com rank first on Google for search term such a 'med OSCE course London', 'final year OSCE course London' and similar terms. Our finals OSCE course is attended by students from 8 countries across Europe and India, in addition to a very popular theory course. This means high readership and SEO as we share the blog to this site.

Remarxs profile also ranks very highly  mine is only second to LinkedIn and higher than Instagram and Twitter.

Free video advert production

If we 'feature' your blog, we will produce a professional video to go along with any social media post to help increase engagement rates.

Create an internet presence

Once you create a Remarxs profile, this will begin to rank very highly on google. For example, my profile ranks on the first page only after LinkedIn and Instagram - click here to see this.

All of your blogs can be easily viewed by a direct URL, which you can connect to your social media profiles. For example, I've attached my URL to this sentence - click here. It looks like this:


Formatting your blog

As our software is still in beta, we would recommend writing your blog on 'Microsoft Word', and then when ready, copy and pasting this into the Remarxs software. 'Word' gives you more formatting options.

We would recommend:

Font type: Helvetica (keep this consistent for all of your blogs)
Font size: 12 for main text (larger for headings and subheadings)
Line spacing: 1.5
Images: These will paste directly from word, but to make images load faster we'd recommending uploading any pictures to Flikr.com and then using the upload image URL in the Remarxs blog software.

Tips to write a blog

The easiest thing to do is to write how you talk, share experiences you feel passionate about, and eventually people similar to you, will start reading your blogs as they begin to rank higher on google through our various sites and social media.

For those of you that want more information, check out this detailed link .

Add pictures

Adding pictures is a sure way to make your blog more visually appealing and engaging. You can copy and paste a picture directly into Remarxs. This method could slow down how quickly your blog opens however, which would effect your blogs SEO.

The best way is to "copy image address" (right click the image first) and paste this directly into Remarxs' upload image software. If you can't find its address you can screen shot it and upload it to Flikr which will generate an online "image address" for you.

Using Flikr to Upload Images

You can screenshot the image and upload it to www.flickr.com which lets you edit the size as well as crop, filter, rotate and much more.

In Flickr, press the 'upload' button - you can upload multiple pictures at the same time

Then select the photo whose size you want to change, press the 'down arrow' and click 'view all sizes'

Choose the size you want the photo to be (we recommend no larger than 'medium 500' i.e. width of 500 pixels)

Lastly, right click on the newly sized image, and choose 'copy image address' - you can now paste this address into the Remarxs 'add image' function.

Using Flickr to host your images mean you won't dig into your Remarxs monthly upload limit. 

Please make sure to reference and images that you use. The can be done simply by adding an 'image reference' list at the bottom of your blog like this one:

Boost your blogs organic search engine reach

1 -  Share this on your own social medial platforms.

2 - 'Import' your blog into Medium.com to boost exposure 

Medium.com is like the 'Twitter' of the bloggers world. Share your blog here to increase exposure.

Nb. don't copy and paste, but use the 'import' button. 'Importing' to Medium.com channels all exposure to your Remarxs blog increasing your SEO rather than it being diluted over 2 sites. Make sure you don't 'copy and paste' the text into Medium which will have the opposite impact.

A) Click on your Avatar and press 'Stories'

b) Press 'Import a story'

c) Import by pasting your blogs URL

Choosing a topic

If you are stuck on where to get started, we have some current priorities which you can start writing about. By choosing one of our topics you will get support from our editorial team. Click here to see our priorities.

Good luck and happy blogging!
Originally published 10 November 2018 , updated 08/07/2020

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