Personal statement for medical school, Imperial College London
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From an early age, I remember opening my mother’s nursing reference books and imagining my own meanings for the long, barely pronounceable medical terms it containedThe complexity of the medical world has always intrigued me and has driven my hunger for developing a broader understanding around the subject.

The subjects which I am studying at A level have increased my curiosity into the profession and have enabled me to develop the skills which I will need to study Medicine. Chemistry has allowed me to carry out various analytic techniques and provided me with a good understanding of many scientific processes. The procedurewhich captured my interest the most was the production of aspirin,due to its importance in today’s society. The topics in Biology have encouraged my interest in the development of atherosclerosis because of its complex nature. This inspired me into completing an Open University course on Understanding Cardiovascular Disease, with the topic of diagnosing diseases being of particular interestThe course was rewarding and broadened my understanding of the subject.

The work experience I have undertaken to further my understanding of the nature of the profession has provided a good insight into the medical profession. During my two weeks at St. Bartholomew’sHospital, I attended the ward rounds which showed the importance of communicating with patients, and the significance of the working relationships between doctors, nurses and patientsI also saw how important it is to be able to work as part of a team, whilst having the competence to make significant decisions and being responsible for one’s own actions. Talking to doctors gave me a realistic understanding of the responsibilities given to medical students from an early stage. Watching cases in the operating theatre provided an insight into the demanding nature of the medical profession. Whilst volunteering at an elderly day centre, I interacted with the carers and patients during their activities, which highlighted the empathy needed by everyone involved in healthcare. I also undertook a work experience placement in a GP practice which showed me the on-going care provided at a local level and the importance of striking a rapport with patients.

I was inspired by my work experience to attend Medsim, which was an invaluable taster of being a medical student. I learnt that it is a challenging learning process, one which am convinced willthoroughly enjoy. I was exposed to various medical career andpractical procedures such as a simulation of keyhole surgery. Theactivities demonstrated the constraints facing medics, who often take part in life threatening procedures under immense pressureI realised that a medical professional will often be part of a multidisciplinary team, and must be able to integrate with other professionals. These experiences have only heightened my desire to pursue a career in this profession.

I have a keen interest in sports and music. I am part of the schoolBasketball, Rugby and Athletics teams, and competing at county level has required a lot of work and commitment. These pursuitshave improved my communication and teamwork ability, qualities which will be vital as a medical studentI am also working for my Duke of Edinburgh Gold award; previous expeditions allowed me to develop my leadership qualities, by making decisions and delivering instructions to the groupThrough my role as coach of the Year Seven Eton Fives squad, I have improved my interpersonal skillswhilst leading weekly training sessions has required organisation and maturityI also go to the gym on a daily basis and as a result, I have developed flexible time management, interspersing a busy academic schedule with activities which have been important for releasing stress.

Medicine combines my enjoyment of communicating with people with my hunger for challenges. It also provides a plethora of career opportunities which am very keen to explore. I am highly motivated and believe there is no other profession that would relish more than Medicine.

Originally published 23 January 2020 , updated 23/01/2020

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