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Our courses are due to be broadcast internationally, so we are scaling and expanding our team. We need support from consultants: advisory panel, quality control, middle grades: quality control, tutors, students: charitable events, university rep, non-medics: alternative course creation, computer programmers: wide range of initiatives. University societies: we promote your events, and ask for site-specific feedback so we keep improving. We connect like minded individuals, creating opportunities and beneficial resources for a wide range of academic, positive entrepreneurial and charitable initiatives.

Email: oslersroom@gmail.com to become involved
With: Why you are interested, and how you could contribute

Opportunities for medical students and doctors

1) Blog for a medical tech start-up
2) Earn a second stream of income by becoming a Reviewer on remarxs.com

1 – Blog for a medical tech start-up

What you gain

Writing opportunity to publish content online, which will be edited by another reviewer. Certificate of contribution; further opportunities to become an editor yourself on our site. Royalty from each published blog.

What we need

We are looking for bloggers who are looking to develop their own online presence by curating content related to the current themed priorities:

Topic thread 1 - Medical School Life 
Bi-monthly publication (200-400 words each blog)
New interesting experience in the last month e.g. blogs about new placements, topics, learning points

Topic thread 2 - New research 
Bi-monthly publication (500 word blog)
Summarising new interesting research articles that have been published in high impact journal e.g. Nature, NEJM, etc.

Topic thread 3 - Life hacks 
Bi-monthly publication (200-400 word blog)
Description of one or more 'life hack' to support productivity 

Topic thread 4 - A tribute to... 
Weekly publication (200-400 word blog)
Summaries of important individuals in medicine and their achievements e.g. William Osler, Cushing, Pasteur, Crick etc.
We want to build a repository people can delve into to access

2 – Earn a second stream of income by becoming a reviewer on Remarxs.com

What you gain?

Pay, points on remarxs.com, certificates

What we need

Please visit remarxs.com, and create a new profile, set yourself up as a reviewer for different types of topics and set your price.

We currently need reviewers for: university personal statements, essays, english editing, manuscript preparation and statistical analysis

Originally published 02 January 2019 , updated 11/10/2019

Remarxs is a powerful academic collaboration platform - to find out what we do, and join our network, click here

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