Medicine Personal Statement - King's, Queen Mary, St. George's and Leicester
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Medicine is an evolving profession that flawlessly couples the knowledge of science with the
instinct of humanity. I am inspired by a discipline that would grant me the opportunity to
spend a lifetime devoted to endless learning in order to bring real change to human lives. My
drive to become a doctor stems from my appreciation of the intricacies of the human body and
the tremendous effort made by doctors to fully understand it. This, along with my desire to
help others is what motivates me to pursue a medical career.

To acquire a better understanding of the healthcare system, I independently organised a
two-week placement at a local hospital. Shadowing doctors in a range of departments enabled me
to observe the unique interaction between patients and doctors. Through this experience, I
have discovered that medicine is more than just the practice of 'curing people' - it is an art
dedicated to helping individuals from diagnosis of disease to preventative action. Witnessing
a caesarean section allowed me to learn how innovations in patient safety, including the WHO
surgical checklist, have drastically improved post-operative outcomes. After observing the
calm and collected nature of the surgeon, I was better equipped to understand the importance
of putting the patient agenda as a first priority; even in emergency situations where
efficient clinical decision making is paramount. Arguably the most poignant lesson I gained
was the effectiveness of the multidisciplinary team - together with their varying specialties,
the team put patients at the centre of care.

Volunteering at a local care home for several months now has not only challenged my once
idealistic view of patient care, but nurtured my devotion to caring. Assisting to provide
palliative care to patients with dementia has been a demanding, but very rewarding,
experience. I have realised through such experiences that I have a longing desire to help
people. Each conversation, activity, or merely helping a patient drink their tea had made me
feel like I had added something positive to their day. To then find the following week that
they had deteriorated, or worse, passed away, was difficult but pushed me to endure. This
particular experience sparked me to read Sherwin Nuland's: 'How to Die - Reflection on Life's
Final Chapter' highlighting that despite all the efforts made to help a patient, doctors often
grapple with limitations.

I am inspired by groundbreaking science; underpinned by modern medicine from stem cells to
prosthetics. My interest for stem cell research spurred me into carrying out a project on the
possibilities of stem cells in Parkinson's disease. This developed my ability to research
independently, appraise scientific evidence and evaluate a clinical approach. Enjoying some
success at county-level in the Chemistry Olympiad reinforced my desire to understand
scientific principles. Topics such as the chemistry of the body, the effects of the misuse of
drugs and the analysis of medicines have allowed me to overcome scientific challenges beyond
the confines of the curriculum.

I continue to be involved in activities outside of academia. As captain of my county football
team, I thoroughly enjoyed leading our team to two successive league trophies, requiring
strong leadership and the ability to motivate others. As Youth Lead at a community centre, I
have acquired the ability to manage my time and prioritise tasks; which I anticipate to be of
paramount importance as a medical student and junior doctor.

After witnessing the intricacies of surgery, the complexities of old age and the end of human
life, I seek to combine my scientific knowledge with my drive to help those less fortunate in
pursuit of a medical career. I believe the skills I have developed through my experiences will
not only give me the determination to succeed through medical school, but will motivate me to
pursue a successful career as a doctor.



Originally published 29 February 2020

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