King's College London Medicine Personal Statement Example
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Successful applicant to King's College London
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I see medicine as a very rewarding and worthwhile career. Due to its constant state of change, I would always be learning new ideas and concepts, a prospect which appeals to me. Doctors are required to analyse and solve complex problems in order to help others; this, in particular, suits my personality. My interest in medicine was greatly reinforced due to my work experience in the Renal and Ophthalmology departments at St George's hospital. In the first I witnessed fistula operations, kidney transplants, cardiac arrests, and got valuable insight into the intense moral issues involved. The doctor described the feeling of elation he got from seeing his patients recovering and I won't forget the emotion he portrayed. I enjoyed the experience and even presented a talk about 'Kidney Transplants' to my peers. In the Ophthalmology department I had the opportunity to assist in eye bank dissections and witness complex cataract operations. Hospital life exceeded my expectations and highlighted the variety of opportunities that lies within medicine.

Reading the 'Biological Science Reviews' and books such as 'Human Instincts' by Robert Winston have kept my interest alight. This book intrigued me, explaining how our primeval impulses shape our modern lives. I was interested by its reasoning behind why so many people hold religious views despite the fact that the notion of an all-powerful being is irrational. Attending a course at *** entitled '***' enhanced my interest in medicine and, as all of the talks were by practising doctors in a variety of fields, I got a feel of what medical life entails. To keep up with current affairs I attend lectures at school about various different issues such as the ongoing argument over the legalisation of Marijuana.

For A-Level, I study Biology and Chemistry which have rigorously taught me to analyse and evaluate scientific data and ideas. Mathematics and Design Technology have taught me to develop and deliver concepts in clear and logical ways, expanding my communication skills. I was awarded an Arkwright scholarship for Design Technology, worth £1000 to aid me in my AS and A2 courses, after being recognized for having 'creativity and flair' through exam performances. I experienced dealing with people with disabilities, to whom I taught Karate in the Cherry Orchard Centre for 2 years, as well as looking after handicapped youngsters at Whitgift SNAP, a voluntary special needs activity project. I felt a sense of achievement when realising how I impacted someone's life in a positive way. I participated in a Symposium with North London Collegiate school, delivering a presentation about 'The Human Brain', including topics such as the differences in intellect between males and females. This required a lot of planning and communication as a constant contact had to be maintained with my partner in order to produce an effective presentation. As well as being a School Prefect, I am House Captain and School Fencing captain. I take an active role in school life, helping to maintain and promote a good standard of behaviour. By the age of 12 I was awarded a black belt in Karate, this arduous process required a lot of commitment and determination. Being a Sergeant in the school's cadet force and gaining a Silver Award in the Duke of Edinburgh's scheme underlines my self discipline and motivation. Fencing has been my most memorable activity. During my last 5 years at school I have obtained the title of Surrey champion four times with 3 different weapons, as well as qualifying for the British Youth Championship on three occasions, I captained the team which won the British School Nationals. By organising Christmas concerts and playing the violin, I have raised considerable amounts of money for my local hospital.

I am stimulated by the thought of the versatile, challenging and rewarding life that Medicine offers and know that with my persistence, determination and ambition, I can achieve my goals.


Dr Culadeeban Ratneswaran

Originally published 13 November 2019 , updated 27/01/2020

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