How to embed your videos and vlogs into Remarxs
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How to embed your videos and vlogs into Remarxs



Thanks for blogging and vlogging with Remarxs. You’ve clicked on this link because you want to know how to embed your video into Remarxs.  It’s simple, and there are a few more tricks I can teach you along the way.

First upload your video into Youtube on your Youtube channel, pressing this button.


Once you have done this, press the ‘Share button’ on your Youtube clip.



On Share, choose the embed option.





You will be shown a large piece of HTML code. Copy this.


Then create the Remarxs blog as you usually would. When you get to this section of the page paste the code into here.






Choose whether you would like the blog to be displayed at the top of the page. Otherwise, it will automatically be displayed at the bottom of the page.

And that’s it! Once you publish your Remarxs blog or vlog, the video will be displayed.



How to stop Youtube from displaying unrelated videos at the end

To stop this from happening you just need to add ?rel=0 at the end of the video URL within the embed code. See the picture below.

How to choose the start and stop times of the video

Sometimes you might not want to display the entire length of the video. You can decide when the video starts and stops by adding ?start20&end200 where 20 is the start time in seconds, and 200 is the end time in seconds. Of course, change those values based on when you want to start and stop.



You should know everything you need to know to embed awesome videos in your blogs and vlogs. Good luck.


Originally published 18 April 2020 , updated 18/04/2020

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