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The medical school application process has many stages. A well-written medical personal statement is an integral part of your med school and UCAS application. 



We believe that everyone should have an equal chance to get into medicine, so connect applicants directly to medical students and junior doctors for support.



We have a range of reviewers from free, to paid, and encourage free reviews by providing the reviewers with certificates. Our personal team have been reviewing personal statements for over 15 years through our medical training courses on, and our popular medical application course.

Get started on your own personal statement by reading our blog on how to write a personal statement, then check out more  personal statement  examples here . When ready connect to our reviewers through the link below:

Who will review my medicine personal statement?


We give you the choice to select your own personal statement reviewer through our transparent selection process. Unlike other website you can select reviewers based on their biography, price, social media links, previous reviews, feedback and credentials.

What does the personal statement review involve?


Our reviewers will provide a personalised report with comments, critique and an action plan of what you can do to improve your statement.


You will be provided guidance and tuition on:





-       Structuring your personal statement

-       Communicating your motivation and suitability for medical school

-       Discussing your academic abilities and making these relevant to life as a medical student and doctor

-       Relating your extracurricular activities and how the skills your draw from these are transferable to medicine

Elaborating on previous jobs and work experience to infer their importance in preparing you for medicine



-      The writing style suitable for a medical school reviewer

-       Corrections on language, spelling, punctuation and grammar

-       Personalising and differentiate your statement to other candidates


How does the personal statement review process work?


1) Firstly, select your personal statement reviewer from this list


2) Upload your work and submit to begin to engage in an online discussion with your reviewer about your expectations and requirements

3) If happy to proceed, any funds will be uploaded, and automatically transferred once you have confirmed the review is complete

Good luck!

Any other questions, we’d love to hear from you. 

Email us at


BTW  we also run medical training courses for medical students and doctors. If you or anyone you know are interested, visit us on Check our our 'theory course' here, and our med finals OSCE course here!  some testimonials for your perusal too :) 



Originally published 28 July 2019 , updated 24/06/2020

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