Example Medical Personal Statements with Critique
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If you’re reading this, that’s because you attended my webinar, in collaboration with KaplanTM – please feel free to read my personal statement below and use this to guide your own personal statements.

If you haven't already, please do read our introductory blog first on how to write a medical personal statement by clicking on this text.

Below I have written a critique about my own medical personal statement. I wrote this many years ago when I was at your stage, and I don’t think this is perfect at all. In my talk during ‘Medicine 4 The Masses’ (link to course) I discuss structuring the personal statement as:






Click here to view my personal statement

In my own personal statement, I have a heavy emphasis on the ‘suitability paragraph’, whereas my exploration paragraph is a little vague. So your statement might for example, have a lot of ‘exploration’ and less ‘suitability’ and that is totally fine too. Alternatively you may have compelling and unique motivation sections that impress the interview panel.

I also think my statement is poorly structured in places. For example, halfway through the 'suitability' section I start to discuss experience I had working with handicapped children, and the motivation this gave me. This might have been better suited in my 'exploration' paragraph. I feel my personal statement is a bit 'samey' and wouldn't really differentiate myself from others, it's also a little boring and not that appealing at the start. 

The truth is everyone's personal statement will be different but the key is to get as much feedback as early and as often as possible

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You can read other successful personal statements here  


Good luck and keep in touch !


Are you looking for work experience or talking points in your upcoming medical school interview or personal statement - why not check out our course 'Medicine 4 The Masses' by clicking here.


Dr Culadeeban Ratneswaran


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Originally published 08 November 2019 , updated 16/01/2020

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