Benefits of becoming a free reviewer on Remarxs
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You are reading this because you want to find out more about becoming a free reviewer on Remarxs. Our network aims to make sure everyone has access to good quality mentorship and academic support irrespective of financial or social status.


Your time is limited, so naturally, you would want to know how this can affect you.


Remarxs profile


Once you create a profile on Remarxs and start to undertake work reviews, your profile and the great work will do will begin to index on Google. For example, check out how my profile ranks highly on Google.

This means that other people can find out who you are, the work you’re doing, and also reach out to you. The more work you do, the higher your profile will index. Your profile will look something like this.



It’s about time people were rewarded for doing good work in a non-commercial way. We find that many people like myself, are in a position, where it takes next to no time to help someone in need.

Therefore once you have completed a work review, the students have the opportunity to state their thanks, and this will link to your profile like a CV.


We also give out ‘Remarxs points’ each time you do free work which will display on your profile, and also form part of a leader board.

A certificate


At the end of this round to push out free reviewers, we will look through our entire site to see who has been offering free reviews. We want to say thanks, and we will do this by providing you with a certificate. I know it’s not much, but we want you to know we appreciate your work.

Just being part of a great initiative


We want to put an end to the overpriced unethical “write my work” websites that exist. We know that “work review” and access to mentorship is a powerful tool when it’s done right, but at the moment it’s done unfairly. Join our team, and we can make this right.

Any questions?

If you’ve got any questions at all, about this initiative, please free to email me on, or Whatsapp me on: +447942681911 – look forward to hearing from you!

Originally published 18 April 2020 , updated 18/04/2020

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