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Current opportunities with Remarxs

  • Become a blogger 
  • Review medical personal statements - for a second income
  • Review Academic Foundation Applications (Medicine) for certificate

Become a blogger

Our free software lets you write what you want, when you want. Our main audience are university students and prospective university applicants - so keep that in mind when blogging. 

High visibility

Where relevant, we will share any relevant blog to our other website, our twitter feeds (@oslersroom and @remarxstech), facebook pages (@oslersroom @remarxstech), and instagram feeds - to give your blog exposure. Some of our blogs have reached thousands of views for this reason. ranks first on google for search terms such as 'OSCE course London', 'med finals course London', or similar terms.

Free video advert production

If we 'feature' your blog, we will produce a professional video to go along with any social media post to help increase engagement rates.

Create an internet presence

Once you create a Remarxs profile, this will begin to rank very highly on google. For example, my profile ranks on the first page only after LinkedIn and Instagram - click here to see this.

All of your blogs can be easily viewed by a direct URL, which you can connect to your social media profiles. For example, I've attached my URL to this sentence - click here. It looks like this:

Choosing a topic

You are welcome to blog about what you like, but if you are having difficulty choosing, we have current priorities for blogs and can make some initial suggestions to get you going - click here.

Just login to get started

Review medical personal statements click here

Earn a second income by reviewing medical personal statements. The current UCAS deadline is mid-October so now is a hot time to get involved. 

You set your own price, for your time, once you have created a profile and set your jobs, press 'view profile'. This will generate a URL which you can share on social media to gain clients. We will also pay to advertise our list of reviewers on facebook and google.

Click here for more info

Review Academic Foundation Programme Applications

If you are looking for teaching experience. Simply log in to and set yourself up as a 'free' AFP application reviewer. Current students will connect with you to review their application and we will provide you with a certificate of teaching experience once they confirm the work is completed.

Good luck and thanks for joining the Remarxs community !
Originally published 02 September 2019 , updated 22/11/2019

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