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Welcome to the Remarxs
Remarxs is powerful software which facilitates complete academic collaboration.

The platform

Social barriers to success exist in all areas of life and work meaning those who are better "connected" go further than those who aren't, with a bias for privilege over passion. Remarxs strives to give everyone equal opportunity by allowing anyone to form the network they need to achieve success:

1) By connecting people in society who need help with all sorts of work (e.g. university/ job applications, personal statements, essays etc.) to professionals that can provide help, rewarding professionals through both points and payments.

2) Our software uses predictive algorithms to connect professionals together on projects too, finding others with similar interests and helping them achieve their goals through collaboration.

3) The Remarxs ecosystem, lets anyone with a profile 'blog' and create an online portfolio of their current work and activities so that others can find them online and connect. Create a profile and get started.

About us
Dr Kevin Dodd
Co-founder, Technical director, Doctor
After starting my professional life as a software developer in one of the fastest growing tech companies in Ireland, I fulfilled a lifelong dream to become a doctor. Here I developed tech to aid hospital service delivery, and now focus on novel approaches to providing expert help to enhance social mobility.
Dr Deeban Ratneswaran
Co-Founder, Creative director, Doctor
Well-published with a passionate interest in reducing health and social inequalities. Degrees in medicine, psychology and leadership, regularly lecturing students from across Europe. I believe Remarxs has the potential to change the academic landscape by being accessible, cool and simple to use.

Our mission

Everyone in this world irrespective of where you live, where you were born, should have an equal chance at life. When I was a boy in South London, attempting to enter medical school, my mother would run from hospital to hospital, to speak to consultants to help review my personal statement. She valued the power of review then, and we would never be here today if it wasn't for that fact. Dr Kevin Dodd, born in Ireland, entered medicine after working his way through an international technology firm. We met working in the 'accident and emergency' department and realised shared visions, a relentless thirst, for improving health systems and instantly clicked. He had already created succesful tech software and we quickly recognised the value of the ideas we had, and technical skill, which set us off on an inspired journey to change the fate of millions around the world. We won't rest until that happens." - Dr Deeban Ratneswaran

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