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What we do

Remarxs is an online platform that brings together students, experts and collaborators from around the world

Your Remarxs profile allows you to join exciting and cutting edge projects, get your personal work reviewed or offer your services as a reviewer


Upload your own or join our exciting projects

Our project collaboration software allows you to browse through a vast array of projects, targeting specific fields of interest using our customised tags. Once accepted to a project Remarxs helps you streamline and organise your work by keeping track of specific tasks within our platform. Our free to join ecosystem allows you to upload your own projects to build that perfect team.

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Cutting edge projects
Created by our experts

Search by title, author or category for the perfect project posted by our experts across a variety of different fields. Add specific tags to your profile to notify you when projects in your area of interest are added.

Project management

Tasks and timelines
Keep on top of your work

Manage tasks and communicate with team members directly from Remarxs. Our task management system lets you manage multiple projects on the go, send reminders, assign new tasks and communicate with the entire team to hit your targets.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic we are suspending all paid work and promoting a ethos of helping each other in this time of need

Unlock your potential with our expert reviewers

Find support on academic work, or become a reviewer yourself for a second source of income.

We have a wide variety of reviewers who are ready to support you and your goals on a range of different academic subjects. 

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For support lasting hours

Search our extensive list of reviewers for that perfect match. Our reviewers have created transparent profiles, with personal biographies, and links to their own social media pages. This means you know exactly who you are connecting with.


Secure file transfers

Upload  your work to our secure server to be reviewed by your chosen expert. They will only be able to edit your work once you have agreed terms, and timelines using our software. The reviewer will not re-write your work, but will edit and provide feedback.


Direct in app communication

Communicate directly with your reviewer using Remarxs chat, until you are happy with the work provided. You, and the reviewer, will receive email updates when there are messages that you missed, to make sure the work gets complete quickly

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Why use Remarxs?
Named professional biographies and social links. Unlike unethical work sites with no transparency, reach real people that want to work with you.
Our 'free' professionals help you to increase their experience and profile. 'Paid' professionals keep 90% of their royalties meaning low costs for you.
Once you have chosen your professionals, you will be connected via an online chat. Share documents and hit your targets. No more social barriers to success.
'Work writing' services do not support individuals but help them cheat. Remarxs, overlooked by our ethical panel, connects you to support, through work review and collaboration.
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