• I didn't receive the confirmation email when registering?

    If you are new to our site, our registration confirmation email might have been sent to your junk mail folder by mistake. You can search here for the sender remarxs@gmail.com - please mark us as a safe sender. The title of the email will be 'confirm account'. Alternatively you could login with facebook (if you haven't tried to register the same associated email previously). This bypasses the need to confirm your email. Remember all future emails, from us and clients, will be sent to the email you register with. The third option is to send us an email (info@remarxs.com) from the email address you tried to register with, and we will confirm this for you manually too. I hope that helps !

  • Does Remarxs have access to my personal credit card details?

    No. Remarxs does not, at any time, have the ability to access your personal credit card details. However, when you accept to review work for a set fee, Remarxs will be able to transfer this fee directly into your account. Also, if you agree to pay a reviewer a set fee, Remarxs will place this fee into Stripe’s escrow. If this work is completed, this will be transferred directly to the reviewer. If the work is not completed, this will be transferred back into your account.

  • Why do we process payments via stripe?

    Processing card payments, and handling card details – offline or online – is serious business. To maintain your security Remarxs pays a surcharge to Stripe to take care of all of this for us (www.stripe.com). This means Remarxs does not take any card details and can leave this in the securest place possible! Stripe handles billions of dollars a years and is utilized as a payments system for many big companies around the world, including: Blue Apron, Docker, DocuSign, GrabTaxi, Glassdoor, Instacart, Kik, Lyft, MongoDB, MuleSoft, Square, and even Quora! It also leaves you in control of your account, leaving you to activate and deactivate at any time, independent of Remarxs.  

  • Does Remarxs have access to my account password?

    No. All inserted passwords are encrypted via 'microsoft asp.net'. This provides an added unbreakable layer of data protection for you, and reassurance for us.

  • What is "work review" and how is this different to "writing from scratch"?

    There are many examples of "essay writing" websites that have, unfortunately, gained a lot of support over the last 10 years. Having a professional "write" work from scratch is totally unethical; not only does this hamper any learning opportunity, but it falsely accredits the individual for work that is not theirs. There is also a practical reason for not using "work writing" websites - the work created is of poor quality, the "writers" are often masked and the prices are extortionate. However, "review" is a powerful tool that can help elevate people through mentorship and feedback. "Review" means the user first creates their work and submits this for critical feedback. We take steps further, and reward users who provide reviews for free or at low cost (to support their time). All of our reviewers are fully transparent too - you know who you are talking to. Remarxs helps you achieve your goals by allowing you to tap into a pool of experts.

  • How do I change my password?

    Please click on the "Hello [your name]" on the navigation bar at the top. You can change your password simply, from here.

  • What's the difference between "Reviewer" mode and "Client" mode

    Remarxs connects "Reviewers" who are able to provide help and services, to "Clients" who are individuals that need their help. If you are looking for help with work, please make sure you are in "Client" mode. If you are looking to provide help and offer your services, please make sure you are in "Reviewer" mode. In "Reviewer" mode you will be live on Remarxs as a reviewer, and you will only be shown messages sent to you by clients that need your help. However in "Client" mode you will only be shown messages sent to and from Reviewers that you have contacted for help.

  • Will I be guaranteed to be paid on completion of the work?

    Yes. As soon as you mark the work as completed, and the user also marks the work as completed. Stripe will instantly transfer money into your account.

  • What happens if a user disagrees that the work is completed?

    As soon as a user and reviewer are connected, you will be able to message through Remarxs chat. We advise all reviewers to discuss expectations at this stage. What is the user specifically looking for? What do they want returned to them? You will also have the opportunity to view the work before agreeing to accept this. If the user feels you did not meet expectations then you can raise a dispute with us and we will look into the matter to resolve this; whatever the outcome, you will get paid for your work.

  • How do I deactivate my Remarxs account?

    Please send us an email to info@remarxs.com with the subject DEACTIVATE: [you email/login name]. There is no need to include anything further in the email body. We will email you once your account is deactivated to confirm this. If you deactivate all of your previous data will be lost. You can always 'register as new user' from the Remarxs homepage.

  • What is "project collaboration"?

    Remarxs lets professionals create and post academic and collaborative work opportunities onto our website. This gets posted to a noticeboard, which allows others to find these. Our predictive algorithms suggest potential collaborations to our users. A user can apply for a project and when they do will be connect to a 'whatsapp style' chat within our system to discuss the project further. After this they can then be accepted onto the project, and will be connected to a group chat alongside others who are working on the project to continue collaboration.

  • Anti-forgery message appeared when I tried to register.

    This message is due to an extra layer of protection on the website. As we are a new site this might appear from time to time but should start to go. If you do try to register and you receive an "anti-forgery" message, please refresh the browser and try again. If that doesn't work, then please try on a new tab or window and this should work. Thank for your patience as we continue to develop our site. If there are any further issues please send us a message on facebook.com/oslersroom or remarxs@gmail.com. Thanks!

  • My question is not in the FAQs

    Email us at info@remarxs.com or at facebook.com/oslersroom and we would be more than happy to help! https://www.remarxs.com/Blog/Blog/Remarxs_-_Our_mission_statement Our about page will be up again shortly. Thanks !

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